Late Bloomers – Sheet Music Book


All Piano Sheets of the EP “Late Bloomers” including In Memory, Aero, Wehmut, Mireya and Signs & Promises. A book illustrated with pictures, short stories behind the tracks and personal notes. The name Late Bloomers was born out of an idea that I always felt I was too late in starting something. In my whole life I was always looking for the meaning of life. People who knew me well always gave me new ideas, inspirations that I understood but could not or would not implement. The awe of the new was so great that I always blanked out all plans or postponed them until later. But the things you put off will always catch up with you. At a time when you don’t expect it, you mature and realize that you were actually always confronted with the same ideas all those years before. So I started composing my music while COVID only 2 years ago. Long after I was supposed to do it much earlier. For me, “Late Bloomers” is a much nicer metaphor than the name “Spätzünder” ever means in German. I admit to myself that we think we bloom too late. But it’s actually the blooming itself that feels so wonderful and makes time relative. So I’ve come to understand that there is never too late for anything new. And yes, that anything is possible when you feel ready for it. Stop comparing yourself too much to others. Don’t forget you are unique and take your time that your life needs to bloom.


My debut piece In Memory is also my very first composition and was created out of deep emotions back in 2020 when the US African American George Floyd was tortured and murdered by the police on the street for a racist background. In Memory is dedicated to George Floyd and is my musical memorial against racism.


Aero is made up of beautiful harmonies and allows you to let go and indulge in thoughts. It is floating and open but also profound. Let your thoughts float in weightlessness for a moment and just dive into your feelings. For me, while playing Aero I feel peaceful and hopeful. This piece is energetic/energized and acute to what is happening in these days. When you feel scattered, Aero gives you your inner peace back.


Wehmut came out of an emotion of melancholy, old joy and nostalgia. It carries a restrained sadness and quiet pain to our youth and our growing up and their years. Wehmut means wistfulness and is my most intimate piece and is full of emotion and intimacy. This piece progresses ceaselessly and does not give a single pause to rest. The goal is to revel in one’s own feelings.


This single is dedicated to my beloved and wonderful ex-girlfriend Mireya. She motivated me to write this track. Even though things went wrong back then, there is a bright gratitude in me when I remember our time. We should always cherish people we loved once. This piece can be played softly and lightly, just as one side of her was. In deepest gratitude, she lives forever in this piece.


Signs & Promises is dedicated to the ruined woodland in my hometown Lindlar. Signs of destruction can lead to promises. There is a potential and possibility for rebirth. Only we, humans, are hopefuls to influence the world with our conscious behaviours.