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Signs & Promises is dedicated to the many destroyed forest areas in my hometown Lindlar. “Signs & promises” means signs of destruction (drought, destruction of forests, diminishing natural resources) and on the other hand “promises” as a kind of potential and possibility of rebirth and for us humans as bearers of hope to influence the world with our conscious behaviour. We have to lead people back to nature and educate them about the most important thing in it, the forest. With my music single I would like to draw attention to this topic in our time. Due to the prolonged drought of the last few years and the resulting infestation of the bark beetle, several large forest areas in our homeland have simply disappeared. I was so moved by the sight of the falling trees while looking out of the window that I began to compose Signs & Promises.

We should inform ourselves and educate other fellow human beings as well. What can we give back to nature? What should it look like? What possibilities for action do we have?

For example, we can start reforestation. We should go for sustainable trees that take longer to grow but are less easily attacked. We should work for more natural forests. We can support operators of such important projects financially or actively. To name just a few points.

With Signs & Promises, I want to draw attention and encourage people to think and act. I hope for a bright future in which we all pitch in together.